Border Terrier Puppies For Sale

Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is a small, rough-coated breed of dog in the terrier group


Height25 – 28cm
Weight5 – 7kg
Exercise LevelMedium
TemperamentCheeky / Alert
ColourRed, Grizzle, Blue Grizzle
Coat CareLow - wiry


The Border terrier is a plucky little character with a huge personality; one of the smallest of terrier breeds it is easy to train and makes a great companion. Although it is small in size it can still keep up with horses whilst out hunting. They love to play and interact with their owners and other dogs.

The Border terrier have a double coat, so this thick and durable coat will shed throughout the year. They have short, coarse wiry coats and so a brush a three times a week should help keep on top of dead hair, but they require professional grooming in spring and autumn. Some owners prefer the scruffy look – but that is personal preference.

Although Border Terriers are within the terrier group and were originally bred for hunting rats, they are not known for being aggressive, they make a great companion having a more tolerant, less snappy temperament associated with many of the other terrier breeds.

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