Cavalier Puppies For Sale


The Cavalier King Charles breed has an attractive appearance and pleasant personality. They are not an energetic spaniel breed so do make excellent household pets, suited to homes with less outdoor space and children.


Height12 – 16”
Weight12 – 18Lb
Exercise LevelMedium
TemperamentFriendly, Obedient
ColourBlack and Tan, Blenheim, Ruby, Tri-Colour
Coat CareLow

The Cavalier King Charles is a completely separate breed from the King Charles Cavalier – which is recognised with its smaller snout. The King Charles Cavalier is now relatively scarce in comparison to the more popular Cavalier.

There are many different permissible colours in Cavalier King Charles, the include Blenheim, Tri Colour, Black and Tan, Ruby.

They get there name from King Charles, some showing what is said to be his thumb print in the centre of their heads – known as the lozenge.

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