Yorkie Poo Puppies For Sale

Yorkie Poo

This new cross breed puppy has existed for around a decacde, the Yorkie-Poo is part of the new designer hybrid trend. The first cross between a pure Yorkshire Terrier and a pure Poodle provides a toy-sized companion breed with a hypo-allergenic coat.


Height6 – 15”
Weight4 – 14lbs
Exercise LevelLow
ColourBlack and Tan
Coat CareMedium – Long, straight, silky and curly

The coat of a Yorkie-Poo can be both long and silky like the Yorkshire Terrier, or it can develop a more curly coat like the Poodle dependant on which genetics are more dominate.  Whichever the coat texture they will require constant grooming and regular visits to the grooming salon.

A Yorkie-Poo is small in stature, but big in personality.  It will want to be the life and soul of the household, with its cheeky outlook and bundles of fun it lives well with a busy household including other dogs and children, but additionally will be suited for the quieter house where he/she will love being the centre of attention.

A Yorkie-Poo does not require a large exercise regime, happy to potter around the house and go for low / medium walks on a fine day!

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